Order page Jutlandia Cup 2024

Attention to Jutlandia Cup 2024 competitors!

Some of you might have already seen my workbook. If not see below images! The book is made out of different components:

  • Training worksheets
  • Cues list
  • Competition worksheets
  • Results list
  • Calendar 12 months (blanc)

The workbook is meant to track you progress in training and competition so you can determine what you still have to work on. 

I can bring copies of my book to the Jutlandia Cup if you want to buy it cheaper than the Amazon price. Fill in this form to order. I will send you a Paypall invoice which needs to be payed within a couple of days. I will order the copies next week so the printed books will be ready in time for me to take them to Denmark. As soon as we arrive at the campsite I will let you know when and where you can pick it up.

If you fill in the below form you agree to receiving a Paypall invoice of 25,-. If you want to order more then one copy leave a note on this form.

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